Property of almost 600,000m 2 , integrated within the Albufera de Mallorca, declared a Natural Park in 1988, located within the municipality of Muro.

*Date of acquisition: June 6, 1990.

It is a humid terrain and contains the second chain of dunes where there is a pine forest that is a refuge for birds, on their migratory path from Europe on the way to the south.

Together with the management of the Natural Park, specific interventions are carried out such as the creation of a bird nesting island and an observation point as well as the placement of chains to prevent the passage of vehicles in the protected areas .

The buildings we find in S'Illot are very rudimentary, they used to be used for animals: cowsheds, stables, solls, chicken coops and a house.

The set of all the buildings, separated from each other, make up approximately 400m 2 .